Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sat 1 May 2010

So last night was, well great for me but what others might class as a tad on the boring side..  You see my husband has gone away for a few days, and while he's away I have the perfect excuse to just eat what I want.  

And what I felt like last night was rice and steamed vegetables.  

If he had of been here he would of asked 'where's the rest of it', (ie. where's the meat, gravy, etc. etc) but for me, this simple dinner is right up there with my favourites.

So here it is, my simple dinner with a cup of tea (green tea).
and Rockmelon with mint for sweets (gotta have dessert!)

So whilst it was a quite boring dinner for some, the two good things are that I didn't forget to take photos and it tasted fantastic :)

See you tomorrow!