Friday, May 21, 2010

Thursday night..

Mexican hot food is good.  I've decided hot and spicy is definitely one of my favourites, and always has been.  It probably started when Mum starting cooking me meals with lots of garlic in them and went from there..

Last night we had Mexican Chicken Enchiladas.  They are so simple, get your chicken ready with some spices and flavours, wrap it up, cheese and paprika on top, and oven for 25-30 mins.

We had it with some brown rice and salad..

Pretty good!

I'm off today to visit a friend who had a baby the other day.  Actually two of my friends had babies this week.  Not sure when i'll be visiting both of them, but i'll start with the first one today.
Both had little boys if you were wondering..  I went out this morning after doing the work drop off, and bought some cookies and a box of chocolate for the new mum, and some little things for the new bub.

How exciting :)  catch you later..

End of my work week

Have just found the below post...I thought I pressed publish yesterday...but obviously not!! oh well, here it is


Have decided that there is not a chance I can update this blog on my work days (3 days a week), i'm just way too busy, how some people manage to update everyday and still do everyday things is way beyond me!

But at least I had a great week at work, I work at the best place so that really helps with the long hours of getting up at 5 and to sleep after 10 (no wonder, i've never put it like that, but that's 17 hr days!!)

So work-nights, we keep it simple.  It's really good knowing that daycare does really healthy lunch meals, so allows up to keep it nice and easy for dinner.

 Here are some yummy muffins (vanilla and white chocolate) I cooked Sunday, supposed to be for the rest of the week..

And here they are, after about an hour...   lesson learnt - maybe cover them next time :)

Dinner on Sunday was nice cooked schnitzels and vegetables, i'm working on my photos...

Followed by dessert...


Monday was a busy night, usually reserved for pizza night monday, but instead it was, yes, a sandwich... I know!

  Of course the other half didn't want just a plain sandwich and opted for a cheese kransky roll with mustard and tomato sauce...not for me, but lots of people would choose it

Tuesday night was the left over pasta bolognese from about a week or so ago (it was frozen, not just leftover in the fridge!)

But my Wednesday night meal takes the cake!

mmmmm... if I could have this everyday, i'd be very very content...

See, simple and busy for a few days a week - and you just don't know how simple it really will be.

I'm knackered and off to bed!