Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Monday 3 May 2010

Hey hey there!

So last night was Monday, and for a while now Monday has been known in our house as pizza night, courtesy of my husband who, if I didn't regulate his love of pizza, we would be having it every second day for sure!

Anyway, he's still out of town and I upheld the tradition.  Yet again the positive to that is one delivered, cheese pizza, thin crust, double sauce.  No sharing, no half meatlovers, no this or that, just one plain cheese pizza - see, these are the things to look forward to when the other half is away!

So, here's for a pic...

mmmmm, gotta say, a photo of a cheese pizza doesn't look too appetising (unless you ate some)...

Looks a bit better on a plate though...maybe i'll have to do some research into how to photograph food so it looks as good as it does in real life! I might just do that actually in all the spare time I don't have ;)

Other than that, I enjoyed a quick cup of tea and went to bed early, how relaxing..

Catch you tomorrow!