Sunday, May 16, 2010

Dinner...what dinner?

Had a great time yesterday with my brother yesterday.  We ended up having lunch (big platter, full of 'stuff' - salads, cheeses, ham, salami's, avocado..etc, and a big crusty bread), and that moved on into afternoon tea, then dinner..don't you love having a good time.  Great to catch up with them too.

Busy busy, but I was doing some reading this afternoon, and thought i'd post this, it's what's fresh at the moment.  So putting these into the trolley will probably be cheaper at the moment and taste best also.

Both english spinach and silverbeet are bargains this week.
Brussels Sprouts
Cook Brussels sprouts rapidly for maximum flavour. Steam whole or slice and add to stir-fries. If boiling, cook uncovered for about 5 minutes or until just tender.
Tasmania's cool climate is ideal for producing premium quality sweet, crisp carrots. Carrots are plentiful and loaded with flavour. Enjoy them roasted, steamed or in soups and stir-fries.
Bok Choy
Sydney grown bok choy is ultra fresh and a choice buy at $1-$1.50 a bunch.
There is a good supply of potatoes in season. Desiree, Pontiac and brushed potatoes are selling well, or try the Kipfler, Spunta, King Edward or Bintje varieties
Make the most of sweet and juicy pears. Thinly slice semi ripe pears and add to a salad for extra crunch and sweetness or transform semi ripe pears into a quick and easy dessert.
Try Aussie grown Navel oranges - make a fresh winter fruit salad with sliced navel oranges and kiwifruit, strawberries, fresh dates and mandarin segments. Warm 1/3 cup orange juice with 1-2 tbs honey and drizzle over the fruit salad to serve.
Rhubarb is $3.50-$4 a bunch. Rhubarb teams deliciously with apples, pears or quinces.
Hass avocados – always delectable are creamy, nutty flavoured and great value at $1.50-$3 each, depending on size.
Combine finely grated lemon rind with finely chopped flat-leaf parsley and crushed garlic in a gremolata to sprinkle over crumbed lamb cutlets, osso bucco or a vegetable soup.
Custard Apple
Select firm custard apple with undamaged skin. Leave fruit to ripen at room temperature for 2-4 days until it yields to gentle pressure. As fruit ripens its skin colour changes from dark to light green.
Topless pineapples are sweet eating and low acid, and a good buy this week.
Queensland strawberries have started. Prices are expected to drop over the coming weeks.

Anyhow.....gotta go..I have a feeling the plate of muffins I just made are no longer a plate but more like a couple of them - and they were supposed to last the week!  oh well, at least they are being enjoyed :)


Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Sounds like a good eating time!!! Good chart too...Mum♥x

a good yarn said...

It makes good sense to buy in season fruit and vegetables. Ann :-)